I believe that citizen juries are the key to creating real democracy, rather than just elective oligarchy as we have today. Do you want your government to integrate ordinary citizens into everyday policy, rather than just touch base every few years in order to claim power? Then citizen juries are for you. At any given time, citizen juries would exist to consider a variety of questions, from which new laws to adopt to which candidates for executive office to confirm.

Traditional legislatures operate by majority rule. This excludes every group that cannot get to 50% + 1. I don’t think that’s very democratic. With a citizen jury, the threshold can be lower. With a threshold of >⅓, two groups can form to advance solutions; with a threshold of >¼, three groups can exist, etc. Using this simple rule, we can convert the legislature into a proposing body that produces many ideologically diverse solutions to every question that faces the political system. We send these options to a citizen jury to pick the best, and voilĂ ! A true democracy emerges.

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